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What sets us apart?

Our philosophy when it comes to teaching and learning methods is what sets us apart. We are strong advocates for smaller group learning, as we feel the primary reason kids struggle is because they have been neglected in school and aren't given the attention they need to flourish. As a result, our "classroom" sizes are quite small. A single tutor is often given anywhere between 2-4 kids per session, meaning they can provide a near private tutor-like experience. This ensures a more personal relationship can be built between tutor and tutee, which should aid in academic growth and development. Our founder, Mr. Ahsan Uddin, is a board certified teacher, and personally oversees the work that every single child does on top of assigning future work. 

A similar ideology has been applied to our other programs - SHSAT and SAT Prep. We utilize tutors that have personally attended a specialized high school, or a prestigious university, to tutor students for the SHSAT or SAT exam. Their experience translates into higher test scores for their students.


Don't worry - regardless of what you need, your child will be in good hands.


We also believe it’s paramount to communicate with your child’s school teacher in order to provide the best learning experience. Here at Ahsan’s Learning Center, at your request, we will consistently reach out to your child’s teachers periodically throughout the year in order to adapt their learning program. We feel if your child’s teachers are connected with us, we’ll be able to work together to achieve your goals for your child.


There are no limits to what children can achieve if given the right tools. While we primarily focus on tutoring children, we have plans to expand and cater to adult needs. We aim to provide computer learning classes, English as a second language classes, etc. Given the fact that this is our only location, we are able to focus on the needs of this community, given the ever expanding nature of Parkchester.

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