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Grades K-12 Tutoring

Ahsan's Learning Center prides itself on the ability to provide the highest quality of tutoring available for all children and young adults attending grades K through 12. Our tutors are all well-versed and familiar with common core standards, an educational standard that all children follow in school. Starting from 3rd grade, children take state-wide tests that assess their knowledge in both math and ELA - we can help improve your child's scores!

Our services specifically target these education standards, and our staff will work diligently both with your child's teachers and you in order to best help him/her throughout their educational journey. Being in constant contact with your child's main teacher(s) ensures that we'll be able to provide a seamless educational experience.

For grades 3-8, we provide a free English Language Arts (ELA) and Math assessment exam, in order to best gauge how much help your child needs, or how far along he/she is. The assessment exam is especially made to help us target the specific subject where your child may need help.

Our tutoring services also strives to create a smaller environment for students and tutors to thrive in. Unlike many competitors, our tutors are only given a handful of children at a time in order to provide the best possible experience. Leaving your child to be tutored in an environment where he/she can be ignored can leave him/her learning very little. As a result, we feel out services are second to none when it comes to cost vs. quality.

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Homework Help!

Homework Help! is a simple idea - we help you with homework! Thought one of our core beliefs is that your child should be taught and tutored by board certified professionals, we feel this is an area where young adults can thrive. In this workshop environment, your child will be looked over and helped by young adults that will aid your child in completing his/her homework. Only the sharpest and brightest minds are used to aid your child. We believe Homework Help! is an excellent tool for parents/guardians to use if they feel their child simply needs a bit of help getting the work done, or if they feel as if the child needs a push in the right direction to learn on their own.

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